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   "Leading People to the Way and the Truth and the Life in Christ Alone"


We don't usually pass a plate to take offerings. In the past, we heard so much negative feedback about a church always talks and wants to take money.  We don't want the money issue to become a hinder for many unchurched to hear about the love of God through Jesus Christ, so we decided to go back to the Biblical way by setting up a box of offerings for our members and guests who would like to participate in giving offerings to God and to support the ministries.

Since we launched this Biblical practice years ago, we have not heard any criticism about the way we receiving our offerings.  However, we do believe in lifestyle of giving offerings as part of our worship service to the Lord.  From time to time we do teach our members about the essential of giving tithes (ten percent of income) and offerings (whatever beyond tithe) to God. It's a way of life as a fully committed follower of Christ. (see Proverbs 3:9; Malachi 3:10-12).

We believe that every believer is able to give regardless the amount of their income. The apostle Paul reminds us about the generosity of the Macedonian churches,"...they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own, ...see that you also excel in this grace of giving...For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have."  (see 2 Corinthians 8:1-7 NIV )

We encourage all people to come as they are.  As we said before and will say it again, at Cornerstone Bible Church, instead of passing the plate, we only give offering out of overflowing joy from our own hearts.  At our church, we don't raise our budget through any sale either. We completely rely on God's abundant grace and the generosity from all faithful members along with partnership from friends and family.  We have learned that as people give, more blessings overflow into their lives because the Scripture teaches us "It is more blessed to give than to receive."  (Acts 20:35 NIV.)

Jesus also said, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21 NIV)

If you have any questions regarding "Lifestyle of Giving" lessons and our financial accountability in the church or would like to give financially in supporting our ministry to reach out more Laotians and others for Christ, please contact us at any time.

What's the best way to give your offerings in our church? Currently, there are 2 ways of giving financially to Cornerstone Bible Church:  1) IN PERSON (by putting your offering in the offering box during our worship service time).  2) BY MAIL (We provide offering envelops for convenience to everyone who would like to give either in the church service or simply send it in the mail to us at the church address). 


ການ​ຖະ​ຫວາຍ​ຊັບ​ຢູ່​ທີ່​ ພ​ຣະຄ​ຣິ​ສ​ຕະ​ຈັກ​​​ຄັມ​ພີ​ສີ​ລາ​ເອກ, ພວກ​ເຮົາ​ບໍ່​ໄດ້​ມີ​ການ​ຖື​ຖົງ​ຫລື​ເດີນຖາດ​ເພື່ອ​ການເກັບຊັບ ແຕ່​ພວກ​ເຮົາ​ມີ​ການ​ຮັບ​ສ່ວນແຫ່ງ​ການ​ຖະ​ຫວາຍຊັບ. ບັນ​ດາ​ແຂກ​ທີ່​ມາ​ຮ່ວມບໍ່​ຈຳ​ເປັນ​ຈະ​ຕ້ອງ​ປະ​ກອບ​ສ່ວນ​ໃນ​ທັມ​ມະ​ກິດ​ຈະ​ການ​ໃດ​ໆ ພຽງ​ແຕ່​ເຂົ້າ​ຮ່ວມ​ຢ່າງ​ເປັນ​ກັນ​ເອງ.

ຖິງ​ແມ່ນ​ວ່າ ພວກ​ເຮົາ​ເຊື່ອ​​ແລະ​ສິດ​ສອນໃນ​ເລື້ອງ​ການ​ຖະ​ຫວາຍ​ຕາມ​ຫລັກ​ຄຳ​ສອນ​ຂອງ   ພ​ຣະ​ຄຳ​ພີ ທີ່​ມີ​ການ​ປະ​ຕິ​ບັດ​ໂດຍ​ການ​ຖະຫວາຍ ຍອດ​ສິບ (1 ສ່ວນ10 ຂອງ​ລາຍ​ໄດ້) ແລະ​ສ່ວນ​ຖະ​ຫວາຍ​ພິ​ເສດເພີ້ມຫລັງ​ ​ຈາກນຶ່ງ​ສ່ວນສິບ​ຂອງ​ລາຍ​ໄດ້. ແຕ່​ພວກ​ເຮົາ​ບໍ່​ໄດ້​ມີ​ການ​ບັງຄັບ​ຈິດ​ໃຈ​ ມີແຕ່​ຄວາມ​ໜູນ​ໃຈ​ໃນ​ວິ​ຖີ​ຊີ​ວິດ​ແຫ່ງ​ການ​ຖະ​ຫວາຍ​ດ້ວຍ​ການ​ຂອບ​ພ​ຣະ​ຄຸນ. (ສຸ​ພາ​ສິດ 3:9; ມາ​ລາ​ກີ 3:10-12; 2 ໂກ​ຣິນ​ໂທ 8:1-7; ກິດ​ຈະ​ການ 20:35) ພ​ຣະ​ເຢ​ຊູ​ຊົງ​ກ່າ​ວ​ວ່າ, "ເພາະ​ວ່າ​ສົມ​ບັດ​ຂອງ​ທ່ານ​ຢູ່​ທີ່​ໃດ ຈິດ​ໃຈ​ຂອງ​ທ່ານ​ກໍ​ຢູ່​ທີ່ນັ້ນ​ດ້ວຍ." (ມັດ​ທາຍ 6:21)

ຖ້າ​ທ່ານ​ມີ​ຄວາມ​ປາ​ຖ​ນາ​ຢາກ​ຈະ​ບໍ​ຣິ​ຈາກເພື່ອ​ການ​ປ່າວ​ປະ​ກາດ​ຂ່າວ​ປະ​ເສີດ​ກັບ​ຊາ​ວ​ລາວ​ແລະ​ຊົ​ນ​ຊາດ​ອື່ນໆ​ໃຫ້​ມີ​ໂອ​ກາດ​ໄດ້​ຍິນ​ຂ່າວ​ປະ​ເສີດ ຫລື​ຖ້າ​ທ່ານ​ມີ​ຄວາມ​ສົນ​ໃຈ​ລາຍ​ລະ​ອຽດ​ແລະ​ລາຍ​ງານ​ການ​ເງິນ​ຂອງ​ພວກ​ເຮົາ ກາ​ລຸ​ນາ​ຕິດ​ຕໍ່​ໄດ້​ທຸກ​ເວ​ລາ.

ພວກ​ເຮົາ​ມີ​ວິ​ທີ​ການ​ຮັບ​ການ​ຖະ​ຫວາຍ​ຊັບ ​2 ວິ​ທີ​ທາງ ຄື: 1) ດ້ວຍ​​ທາງຕົນ​ເອງ ໃນ​ລາຍ​ການ​ນະ​ມັດ​ສະ​ການ ​ພ​ຣະ​ເຈົ້າ​ແຕ່​ລະ​ທິດໂດຍ​ການ​ໃຫ້​ການ​ຖະ​ຫວາຍ​ຂອງ​ທ່ານ​ໃສ່​ລົງ​ໃນ​ກ່ອງ​ຖະ​ຫວາຍ​ຊັບ​ທີ່​ໂບດ.  2) ດ້ວຍ​ທາງ​ໄປ​ສະ​ນີ ຊຶ່ງ​ທາງ​ໂບດ​ຈັດ​ຊອ​ງ​ຖະ​ຫວາຍ​ຊັບ​ໃຫ້​ເພື່ອ​ຄວາມ​ສະ​ດວກ. 

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