Cornerstone Bible Church 

   "Leading People to the Way and the Truth and the Life in Christ Alone"



       By this we mean anyone who still has no authentic relationship with Christ. Our vision is to make a difference in community by building up people to live as Christlike disciples. Our sincere desire for our ministry built not only upon the truth which is the solid foundation but also built out like a bridge, connecting our unsaved friends, relatives, associates and neighbors through reflecting the reality of Christ in living. 

At Cornerstone Bible "Laotian" Church you will find that we are a unique place, one family with many tastes, and loving people who would do our best to impact our community with the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Come and check it out our new community of changed lives. You will see that in spite of how small the size, programs, or numbers, God still ignites us to make a difference in people's lives here, there and anywhere.


We look forward to meeting you.

Pastor Sisouphanh (James) Ratthahao along with our Cornerstone Bible members             

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